Helping friends (Day 6)

Today I went to a friend’s house to help her paint the addition they’ve added onto her home for her mother to live in.  There was a large group of us painting, 8 of us total.  We worked quickly and had a good time doing it.  It’s always a good day when you have a job to do but you make it fun.  It’s also nice when folks pull together to help out each other.  I am happy to have friends who look out for each other.  Some folks say its hard to find good friends but I find that isn’t true.  I’ve got good friends.  Tomorrow I will go out and help finish the job.  A job that could’ve taken many days we should finish tomorrow because once again there will be a troop of friends out there helping a friend and having fun doing it.  And that is what love and life is about. 

Find your joy and Laissez les bons temps rouler!



Beer (Day 5)

I’m positive today I will have a good night. Cause it’s beer night! It’s been a good day and expecting an even better night.

god beer


Find your joy and Laissez les bons temps rouler!


Cell phone and old coworkers (Day 4)

Today I left my cell phone at home. I didn’t think it would be that big a deal and thankfully, for the most part, it wasn’t.  There were a few times I could’ve used it to do a few things but overall it wasn’t as bad as one might think. Of course at work I can use the PC and I could chat on the phone. This afternoon I was with family so I still wasn’t off the grid so to speak. So it wasn’t as if I was totally out of touch. The only time it really bugged me was in the car, alone. I realized I’ve gotten sort of attached to having it with me. It made me nervous to know if something happened I couldn’t call for help. That’s silly of course. I survived without a phone 20 years ago. But for 20 years now I’ve had a phone. I got it originally just for that. Single and traveling some dark back roads that phone gives me security. I felt vulnerable that I didn’t have it. Some might say that it’s a bad thing to be so dependent on technology. But to them I say, it’s a security blanket. Women have to worry about things a bit more than men. I like knowing that if something happens, even as innocuous as a flat tire, I can call for backup. But thankfully nothing happened. So today I am thankful I live in an era where we have the ability to call for help just about anywhere. And I am thankful that I didn’t need to. So yeah I am a bit addicted to my phone. I’m not ashamed. 😉

Now on to a fully positive moment. I saw an old co-worker today. He was doing well. The last time I’d seen him he’d been through a lot physically and he didn’t look all that well. But today he looked better. We chatted and he’s a nice man. And we talked about how negative the news is generally. I told him about this blog and he was very encouraging. He agrees that this is a good plan to make a positive change in, the very least, me. So my hug today came from a man I respect and miss. It was good to see and visit with him.

While this wasn’t exactly accurate it showed up on my fb newsfeed and I thought it was appropriate.




Find your joy and Laissez les bons temps rouler!


Literacy (Day 3)

I am so thankful that not only can I read but I love to read. Reading has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. My mom likes to read and shared her love for the written word with me. Reading is therapeutic to me. It lets me escape from my own problems to worlds where anything can and usually does happen. I’d lost my love for reading for a while. I still enjoyed it but the passion to read had waned. I mourned it but I didn’t seek to figure out why. Lately though I am voracious in my reading again. I have missed it and I didn’t realize how much or how much I needed it. I do not take my literacy for granted. I am grateful that I live in a country where education and literacy is available, but I realize that even so it is not something that is taught as it should be. Happy reading!


Find your joy and Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Positive healing (Day 2)

People’s strength amazes me. Some people, strong and optimistic people, find happiness in the darkest of times. These people are an example of who we should all be. These aren’t people who wallow in self-pity but instead see things as challenges and growing experiences.

Currently I have a friend, in his early forties, he has had a stroke. He has lost the use of his left arm. But even when he announced it on Facebook he did it with positivity. Asking for prayers but not pity. His subsequent posts remain positive and thankful for what he has. He’s not painting it all rainbows and unicorn farts. He’s said it sucks a times, he’s tired of hospital food, etc. But even then it isn’t mentioned in a pity party way but as fact.

He has never once doubted (at least publicly) he was going to get 100% well. He’s never said it would be easy but he said he would do it.

Even when they found out what caused his stroke (Polycythemia Vera) he was upbeat. He’s finding the good in his life at the hospital. Helping by giving others support and a positive attitude. I’m sure his nurses love him as well as anyone who has contact with him. He’s always been a nice guy and how can you not like someone who makes you laugh and smile when they’re going through their own adversity.

This man is an example of positivity and we can all learn from him.

Even before he had his stroke he was a positive person. He was always looking at the bright side of things. He often post “Put yo smile on”. Always his posts on Facebook would remind you to enjoy life and not to dwell on the negative. To find the positive because it could always be worse. And now that he’s working so hard to get well he’s still reminding us that it could be worse, even for him.

He’s an inspiration. And the positive hug you get to day is courtesy of him.

Remember whenever you’re at your lowest that a positive attitude can make all the difference. It usually can be worse. And even if where you are is pretty low just remind yourself that it can get better. No one has ever won with a defeatist attitude. Negativity doesn’t make happy people nor does it ever cure people. Doctors will tell you that a positive attitude helps healing. I don’t just mean medically but in every aspect of life. If you can find at least one thing positive and focus on that then you can feel your body feeling better. Positivity heals mind, body and soul.

Find your joy and Laissez les bons temps rouler!

For more information about Polycythemia Vera–28PV-29

We’re up! (Day 1)

This blog is something I wanted to do for a while but would never take the time to do it.  Then I saw a post on facebook where someone was doing gratitude posts and I thought I really want to do that. I told her I was going to steal it. And I was, I was going to take the lazy way out and just do the set amount of time on that post but I decided, no you will do a it right.   But as a procrastinator I procrastinated as usual.

Then last week I had a few BAD days.  I’m extremely grateful days that bad don’t come around often.  That seemed to be the kick in the pants that I needed.  This weekend I worked on this site.  Came up with the name and tag line then completely became befuddled.  I couldn’t get anything to work right on the site.  So I quit because honestly I don’t have a whole lot of time to commit to this.  It was supposed to be a joyous thing and all I was getting was frustration! Hehe.   So today being a Monday, and what could go wrong on a Monday, I thought: It’s a new week, a new day so let’s fix this.  {Plus I was chatting with Bronwyn Green (she’d tagged me over the weekend to do a 5 days Attitude of Gratitude challenge) and I felt I best get my blog up and running before she called me on it. }

But I did it! And once I changed the theme it was so much easier.

So here it is. The blog I wanted to do and today’s positive thing is THIS:


I started this blog! I have it up and running. It may not be perfect but it is mine! And I am going to love taking this journey of posting something positive daily.


And so that’s it for my first hug!  Baby steps folks Baby steps.

Find your joy and Laissez les bons temps rouler!