Cell phone and old coworkers (Day 4)

Today I left my cell phone at home. I didn’t think it would be that big a deal and thankfully, for the most part, it wasn’t.  There were a few times I could’ve used it to do a few things but overall it wasn’t as bad as one might think. Of course at work I can use the PC and I could chat on the phone. This afternoon I was with family so I still wasn’t off the grid so to speak. So it wasn’t as if I was totally out of touch. The only time it really bugged me was in the car, alone. I realized I’ve gotten sort of attached to having it with me. It made me nervous to know if something happened I couldn’t call for help. That’s silly of course. I survived without a phone 20 years ago. But for 20 years now I’ve had a phone. I got it originally just for that. Single and traveling some dark back roads that phone gives me security. I felt vulnerable that I didn’t have it. Some might say that it’s a bad thing to be so dependent on technology. But to them I say, it’s a security blanket. Women have to worry about things a bit more than men. I like knowing that if something happens, even as innocuous as a flat tire, I can call for backup. But thankfully nothing happened. So today I am thankful I live in an era where we have the ability to call for help just about anywhere. And I am thankful that I didn’t need to. So yeah I am a bit addicted to my phone. I’m not ashamed. 😉

Now on to a fully positive moment. I saw an old co-worker today. He was doing well. The last time I’d seen him he’d been through a lot physically and he didn’t look all that well. But today he looked better. We chatted and he’s a nice man. And we talked about how negative the news is generally. I told him about this blog and he was very encouraging. He agrees that this is a good plan to make a positive change in, the very least, me. So my hug today came from a man I respect and miss. It was good to see and visit with him.

While this wasn’t exactly accurate it showed up on my fb newsfeed and I thought it was appropriate.




Find your joy and Laissez les bons temps rouler!


3 thoughts on “Cell phone and old coworkers (Day 4)

  1. jacs1 says:

    A whole day, eh? As of Aug 29, my guy has been cell-phone free for 653 days. He would probably have kept it up but finally got one because his son is now away at uni. However, he still hasn’t got it working as yet and probably won’t for at least another week *lol*

    I’m the complete opposite and like to have my phone with me pretty much all the time BUT when it comes to getting together with people, especially for a meal or drinks, my phone is silenced and put away.


    • Yeah I think I would be ok if it weren’t for those times alone traveling. But I love my phone so if I don’t have to then I ain’t gonna. :). And I am with you. Folks in front of me are more important than my phone.


  2. I really dislike traveling without my phone – even if it’s just to run the boys to school. It makes me paranoid about getting a flat or in an accident or something. Which is silly. I used to drive them around without a phone all the time. o.O

    I’m so glad you saw your friend and he’s doing better. 🙂


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