Another day of friends and working (Day 7)

Today’s “hug” isn’t much different than yesterday. It was another day of laughter and friends helping friends. We finished what we started yesterday with the painting. We laughed, we worked, and we finished. I’m grateful to be done because as much as it doesn’t seem like it should be painting is hard work and I am tired. I had fun but my poor muscles aren’t used to this painting stuff. I am all about hanging out but hopefully it won’t be to paint.  But I will go back tomorrow, if when it is all dry, she thinks it needs another coat of paint. Because that’s what friends do. Mostly though, it was a good day because once again I spent it with friends laughing while we worked. And there is a sense of accomplishment that it’s all done. I just enjoy spending time with friends. There will be lots of posts, hopefully, about friends and family; because to me they are the most positive things in my life. And almost always any time spent with them is a positive thing. So today was a good day and a good day is a positive day. Hopefully this Labor Day weekend you spent time with your friends and laughed.


Find your joy and Laissez les bons temps rouler!



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