Battling Electronics (Day 8)

Electronics. I love them. Glad I have them but sometimes they can just steal my joy, if I am not careful. I have fought today with my Blu-ray player trying to get it to do what it is supposed to do as a smart Blu-ray player. It’s not working. I have finally let a machine, a piece of metal without intelligence, beat me. I usually try to tell myself I am smarter than inanimate objects. I still believe that. I also believe you can’t argue intelligently with stupid. My machine is obviously stupid. It is of inferior intelligence. The player is connected to the internet. I’ve made sure of that. It tells me it is connected and I’ve checked my connection. But when I try to do anything that needs the internet it tells me it can’t find the connection.

It’s like those moments when you’re looking for your glasses and they’re on top of your head. Or perhaps when you’re looking for your cell phone and you’re talking on it. Well we humans usually realize our mistakes. My machine doesn’t. Even after I tell it that the glasses are on its head it still can’t find them.

So as of right now it is delegated to the role of paperweight yet I refuse to admit defeat.  Unlike the hunk of metal I can take a walk outside, take a breather and come back for a second round. Or I can call in reinforcements. So while it won this battle the war is not over!

So for those of you who haven’t found what is positive about this post I’ll explain. Instead of letting this machine steal my joy I am laughing at the fact that I am (momentarily) admitting failure. I am making fun of the situation. I might as well laugh and find the humor in it because it certainly triumphed this round. If this hunk of metal defeating me is my biggest problem I face today then I am good. I woke up this morning fully functioning with food, shelter, and toilet paper. These are the important things.


Find your joy and Laissez les bons temps rouler!


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