I heard this story on the radio about a man from Pittsburgh who took a negative and made it a positive in a big way.

Phil Laboon was a groom who no longer had a bride. When the wedding was called off last minute Phil decided that since everything was paid for he’d turn the reception into charity.   Phil called it “LemonAID”.  So the reception became a charity benefit event to raise money for Surgicorps. An organization that “provides free surgical and medical care to disadvantaged individuals in developing countries.”

I love this story! This is how you take a negative and make a positive.   This is keeping things in perspective.

I also love what Surgicorps does! To learn more about Surgicorps go here: http://surgicorps.org/

So here is today’s hug. An inspirational story of people who use their own situation to do good for others. 


Find your joy and Laissez les bons temps rouler!






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