Kid President

Kid President

If you haven’t heard of Kid President then you’re missing out.

Kid President is a young boy about the age of 9 who is trying to change the world to be more awesome. His messages of love and kindness are designed to inspire others. Using the platform of YouTube, Kid President offers his witty and brilliant advice with humor on how to improve the world. He gives advice such as “20 Things We Should Say More Often”.   He gives pep talks to heroes, to you, or just a pep talk.   And with his inspirational videos he’s reaching the world trying to make it more awesome.

kid president

His journey to make the world more awesome had brought him some famous faces to interview from Beyoncé, Josh Groban, and even the President of the United States himself, Obama. He’s helped others make their dreams come true like Gene Simmons and Kid President helped a man propose.

His practical advice is good for both adults and children. As he is says so accurately, “kids can change the world and grownups can change the world. It would go a whole lot faster if we worked together.” His videos are full of little nuggets of… well awesome! “If you want to be awesome treat people awesome”.  Simply put but very poignant.

His motto of “Make This Year Awesome for Somebody Else”. That is a remarkable goal. One we should all aspire to. And Kid President challenges us to do so.

So go out there and be awesome! And help Kid President make the world a better place!!


If you want to find out more about Kid President then click:


And watch this video here (and be sure to watch others. They’re fun and full of awesome advice):



Kid President you are awesome! You’ve found your joy and seems like you’re on a mission to help others find theirs. Keep on Dancing!

For the rest of us… Find your joy and laissez les bons temps rouler!



Oh and here’s the link to “20 Things We Should Say More Often”:

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