Blogging away

As I am hurting in my neck and right shoulder I cannot be sitting in front of the computer writing a blog. But I committed to doing this for 365 days and I do not want to miss this goal. This goal is important to me. Sure some would say it isn’t a big deal if I skip a day and surely they’re right. After all the world will keep turning whether or not I post an entry today. But I don’t want to skip a day. I want to do reach my goal. Normally when there are time constraints I use a picture and not worry too much about words, but I am not off having a fabulous time with family or friends so there isn’t a picture of good times to show. And I don’t really have a video or article out in the world that I can write about. So I am writing this explanation as part of my blog.

The positive spin on this is that I am following through my commitment despite the obstacles in my way. I am pushing through what could stop me in order to get my blog done. It might not be me at my best but it is indeed an accomplishment. One I am proud of. This blog is my way of becoming the best I can be. This is another step in becoming the best possible me. So with this entry I continue on my journey.


Find your joy and laissez les bons temps rouler!



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