The Joy of Laughter

I spent the day being lazy with small intervals of actual productive motions. But this afternoon I spent it on the phone laughing with friends. Spent so much time on the phone, it started beeping that signal for low battery. I spent most of those conversations laughing with my friends and family. And I must admit I feel better. Not that I was feeling bad because I wasn’t. I was physically feeling better than I had for days. It was just a normal day. Yet after laughing so much today I just feel lighter. Maybe I am lighter, maybe laughter burns calories! Oh if that were true I’d so go on that exercise regime! HEHEHE.
Laughter just makes my problems, worries, etc ease away. They’re still there but they aren’t weighing on me. If you’re in a spot in your life where laughter is not a regular visitor, for whatever reason, try and make it a house guest. Invite laughter into your life because it will make things, those things that are weighing you down, a bit easier to take. It will make you stronger. It will not make your problems disappear but there is strength in joy and laughter is joy.
I am grateful that I have a lot of laughter in my life. Today and yesterday was full of laughter and that makes me blessed.
Find your joy and laissez les bons temps rouler!


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