Last night I had a weird dream. When I woke from my dream it was so vivid in my mind and I thought that would be a great story line. So I grabbed my cell phone and began typing in a note. Detailing the dream then added a few notes of ideas that had come to me about the story. Unfortunately the day did not allow me time to write. But I am so excited about this new idea, this new story, this new world.

I used to call myself an aspiring writer but I am too much a social butterfly to truly work toward that goal. That’s a story for another day. However I am and always will be a writer. I just no longer aspire to be printed. I write for myself. I always have stories in my head. I always write.

The stories do not always end up on paper or, perhaps more accurately, on the computer.  Some stories aren’t really for others but just little day dreams that are personal and would never really interest anyone else.

Some, however, involve an alternate reality where the world isn’t as we know it. Some are in this world but there are things that the average person is unaware of. These stories have characters that I’ve created backgrounds for, given them history and personality. They have their own voice. I hear that voice. Not in a way that is a worry for my mental health. More they are my invisible friends that help me tell a story.

I love stories. It is why I love to read so much. It is why I love movies and television shows so much. I love my own stories, the ones almost constantly going on in my head. This new idea that I got from my dream is begging to be put down on the computer. It’s not just one for my head. I’m very excited to work on it. No it will probably never been seen by anyone else but writing makes me happy. It brings me joy. And that is why I write.

Find your joy and laissez les bons temps rouler!



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