Think positive

positive life

I usually say what you put out in the universe you will receive.  If you put out negative then you get negative.  If you put out positive you get positive.   I try to do this.  I often correct people when they say maybe, telling them to not give any doubt, say it positively.  If you leave no room for negativity then you’ll find that more often than not things go your way.  And when they don’t then you have to say to yourself something positive such as there are better things to be had, something better will come my way, etc.

I am often called lucky by friends and family because I win contests often.  Not ones that take skill, just ones you enter and randomly get drawn.  I feel I win because I put positivity out there.  I assume I will win.  I don’t always but I do often enough to call myself lucky.  My aunt and I were entered into some drawings at a con and she said, “I never win anything.”  I told her not with that attitude.  To think positive put it out there and see what happened.  Told her to think I’m going to win something.   She laughed at me but she did and guess what she won two of the prizes!

I am not perfect and yes I have my negative days but mostly I try to live by this philosophy.  This attitude, frame of mind, belief, whatever you want to name it has helped me live a more joyful life.  It makes the world a better place for me.  If you don’t think this way, try it and see how the world changes for you.

Find your joy and laissez les bons temps rouler!


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