Morning thoughts



The next step in reaching this better joyful me is to try to start my day with a positive thought. The picture above is going to be printed and hung where I will see it every morning. This will remind me to make sure to find a positive thought every morning.

I am not a morning person. As a night owl I would much rather stay up all night and sleep most the day away. However I do not live a lifestyle that allows that so I have to wake up in the morning. Although I am not a morning person I can wake up rather chatty, especially on vacation. It can be annoying so I’ve been told. *giggle* However daily I do not wake up chatty. I live by myself so I do not speak with anyone until I get to work. So I have time to “decide” on my mood.

My moods can vary from Grumpy to Tigger in the mornings (okay, okay sometimes all day).   Typically whatever mood I am in, in the morning, is the mood I stay in most the day. I have been working on my attitude. Attempting to get rid of those negative moments in my life where everyone is on my nerves for breathing at the very least. I think it is working.

I am hoping that the picture will remind me to find that positive when I wake up feeling like crap, tired, grumpy, sad, etc. We all need a push toward the positive sometimes. I believe a push towards the positive every morning will enhance my ability to fight off the negative days. It’s an experiment I am going to try. Take the time every morning to focus on one positive thought can only help one find the joy in life. I plan to embrace that positive and find my joy.

Find your joy and laissez les bons temps rouler!


4 thoughts on “Morning thoughts

  1. I understand. Completely. I definitely needed to reach for some positive thoughts this morning. But I really do think that helps to reframe the way we see and interpret the events in our day. Also, I should probably print off that picture and hang it on the bathroom mirror. Only one out of four of us is a morning person in this house. 😉

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