Squirrel Rescue!

photo 2

Yesterday Daddy saved a squirrel. While he was at my house he saw a big squirrel attacking a small squirrel. He ran over there, running off the big mean squirrel. The small one was too weak to climb the tree so my dad, the softy, could leave the injured squirrel so he grabbed an old pet carrier I had and herded the hurt squirrel into it. Later he found another victim of the same brutal attack MO as the one he rescued but it was already dead. I think I have a serial killer squirrel.

Anyways Daddy took the squirrel home where he peeled some acorns and put them in the carrier while Moma put in an old towel and a small bowl of water. They’re so dang sweet. I sure love my soft family who are trying to help a poor baby squirrel. Mom and Aunt Dorothy were determined not to get attached and refused to name the squirrel.

Today I went over to my parents and tried to help take care of the squirrel. I asked Moma if I could use some of her frozen peeled pecans (yep she’s a softy) she said yes. So I warmed them in my hands and then Moma put it in the carrier. The squirrel was one happy squirrel but he wouldn’t really turn around. Mom said yesterday he was chatty and moving around more. I figure he’s a bit sorer today.  He actually favored his left side and had trouble staying upright without falling over on his left side without some support. Poor sweet baby.

So he finishes that piece and I shove in another piece. Now remember this is a wild squirrel so I am concerned about it biting. The squirrel doesn’t move toward the piece of pecan so I shove it closer in and suddenly the squirrel pounces on it. My mom was laughing so hard as I jerked my hand out moving faster than was dignified. It was pretty funny. We fed him another piece and he would take it from our hands now. Then he spilled the bowl of water so Mom bravely reached in and pulled him out so I could clean he carrier.

And I was a goner! After I cleaned out the carrier I reached out and the squirrel let me take him. I snuggled him (while Mom’s dog is having fits because hello she’s the center of the universe what the heck are we doing loving on another animal). He eventually decided to go down my dress. He tried going in my cleavage but quickly realized that was too tight a squeeze so settled for going in my dress and snuggling in the pocket between my bra and the high waist band.

There is stayed for a while. It came out for a little while and ate another piece of pecan. Aunt Dorothy and Daddy arrived home and Aunt Dorothy held it for a bit then I held out another pecan but it climbed back onto me and right back into its little snuggle spot. Yeah I’ve gone sweet on the squirrel. However I do not want a pet squirrel. I am not in a place in my life where a pet is something I can have so no pet squirrel! I hated to disturb him but I did have to eventually go home so I gave him to Aunt Dorothy.

My aunt found someone who will take care of it.  Although I am all about letting it go back into the wild, hurt like it is, it won’t survive. The person taking the squirrel is homebound and it seems like a good match. I am happy he’s going to a good home.

I have video of him climbing down my dress but no, I will not post it here. Not that I’m ashamed of it but I certainly don’t want a video of a squirrel going down my dress somehow going viral. While I doubt that would happen, I will not chance it. 😀 I also have some pictures of him snuggled in his spot but again not really something that should be shared on the internet. However I have to share some of the cuteness so enjoy!

photo 1




Find your joy and laissez les bons temps rouler!



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