Money.  We need it to survive.  For bills, food, etc.

I’m very blessed that despite money being tight lately I’m able to pay my bills and have food on the table.

Last weekend I had $60 and now it has come up missing.  I’m sure I put it somewhere and can’t remember where.  While it’s not money that will keep me from paying my bills I counted on that money for my trip in a few weeks.  If it doesn’t show up that means money for that trip will be even tighter than it was going to be anyway.

Yet while I am upset about this, I am not distraught or stressing over it because I am still able to pay my bills and keep food on my table. These are the important things.

I’m of the philosophy that if I lost it somewhere and someone else found it then perhaps they needed it more.  Perhaps I’ll find it one day when I’m really desperate for that money and it’ll help me when I need it most.  It could be God is helping me save it for a rainy day.

I am counting this as a blessing.  I had the money to lose.  Others have it much worse.

Find your joy and laissez les bons temps rouler!




Be Kind

Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see – Mark Twain.

These simple words speak volumes about how we should live our lives.

Be kind to others.  You never know what that person is going through.

These are words we’ve all heard in various ways.  Yet it is sometimes easy to be so self involved we forget the lesson and power of that advice.

Sometimes a kind word, a bit of patience, and a smile from a stranger can really be needed.  And if its needed from a stranger then just think about those closest to you.

So go be kind.  Be patient.  And smile.

Find your joy and laissez les bons temps rouler!


Tippie Knows the Way



The weekend I went Princess Fishing I took my mom’s dog, Tippie, with me when we went to the camp.   was going to go out of town.  Dad came down to fish on Friday, so I volunteered to take her with me on Thursday.

This dog loves to travel! You say the word “go” and she’s running to the car.

She’s a quiet companion. She will look out the window for a while then settle down on the seat.


Ready to go for a ride

Yet she’s attentive to where you are going. Every time you hit your breaks or put your blinker in she’s up and looking out the window to see what is going on.


Watching where I’m going

So if you say we’re going somewhere specific, like fishing, then you’d best be really going there and the way she’s used to going or she starts talking to you.

The last turn onto the highway the camp is on I didn’t want to be stuck behind a slow truck. Thinking I had time to go around I got into the other lane but realized I didn’t have as much as I thought. Instead of trying to whip in there dangerously I went straight through the light.

Well Tippie looks out the window and realizes I’ve made this mistake. She begins talking to me. Not barking or growling, just making noises that we call her talking.

I found myself explaining myself to her. She kept looking out the window then back at me telling me, I’m sure, that I’d gone the wrong way. No matter that I tried to reassure her as I made a U-turn and explain what had happened, until I turned onto the correct road going the correct way she didn’t hush.

Once I was on our route again she watched for just a minute quietly before once again laying down to ride quietly.


How can you not love this face?

I love this dog! She’s so smart and so dang cute. She makes me laugh! I mean here I am a grown woman explaining myself to a dog. She knows the way to most places we go and don’t worry she won’t let you get lost.


Watching Mrs. Debbi handle the fish. Tippie loves fishing!

Find your joy and laissez les bons temps rouler!


Murphy Has Jokes

Some days it just seems as Murphy is having fun at your expense.

Murphy's Law

I overslept this morning. So I was running around getting ready for work.

As I was walking out the door carrying more than I should because I was running late and wouldn’t take time to make two trips I dropped my lunch. The container and lid cracked. Thankfully only a little spilled out. I ended up going back in and changing containers. So yeah I should’ve taken the time to make more than one trip. Lesson learned. 🙂

I spilt my breakfast on my shirt while eating so I had food on my shirt first thing at work this morning.

Walking into work I dropped my Diet Coke right outside my office door.

All of this and I hadn’t even been up for about an hour.

Days like this you might as well laugh it off.   Getting upset wasn’t going to do anything but make me unhappy. It is not worth letting those little annoyances steal my joy.

As the day progressed I once again spilled food on my shirt. But thankfully that seemed to be the end of Murphy’s jokes.

So I had a rough start to my day but I didn’t let it get me down. I stayed positive and happy. Because let’s face it if that is the worse of my problems then I’m doing just fine!

Find your joy and laissez les bons temps rouler!


My Halloween Party is Group Effort

Saturday was my annual Halloween party.  It’s a busy time leading up to this.  It is a lot of work.  Thankfully I have wonderful people in my life who help me.  Over the years it has become a group effort.  I so appreciate that because without all that help it would be an overwhelming and daunting task.

I am grateful for all the help that I have.

Repetition makes for easier set up.  I’ve also downsized how much I put out.  A lot of the little decorations no one really pays attention to so why put it out.  Still there is a lot to do and friends come over and help decorate.

My spider

My spider

Then there is food.  Many people contribute so that we have plenty of food.   As the party begins winding down there is a group effort to put away the food.  This involves putting the leftovers in containers and cleaning the dishes.

The next day everything that went up must come down.  So again people come and help with taking down what was put up and cleaning up the messes that were left.

Then everything goes into storage until next year.

So Thank you:

Shara (my sister) for helping me load up the Halloween decorations.  My Daddy who helped finish loading the heavier bulkier stuff with Shara and my moma.  Also they brought ice and ice chests.

Kim, Mrs. Debbie, Shannon, and Aunt Dorothy for helping decorate.

Tawnya, Sony, Jodie, Cheryl, Aunt Dorothy, Becca, Shara, Kim, Shannon, Staci, Deshae, and Crystal (Hope I didn’t leave someone out) for bringing food stuffs for the party.

Shara and Becca for putting up the food while I was busy having fun.

Aunt Dorothy for helping taking down the decorations.

Shara, Moma, and Staci for helping me load them up and storing them again.

As I said group effort.  Or it takes a village.

If I left anyone out I am sorry.  Let me know and I’ll fix it.  I do appreciate all the help.  It makes for a less stressful and joyful event for me.

Find your joy and laissez les bons temps rouler!


Ode to Snow White

My friend Shannon told me today’s blog should be Ode to Snow White.


My reply was

“Ode to Snow White:

Oh Snow White how do I love thee,

Let me count the ways.

I love your red lips

I love your black hair

I really love your underwear. “


Which sent us off into peals of laughter.


She was kidding of course when she said this but I decided to really do it because it’s funny and it makes me laugh. So here you go Shannon!


Shannon’s Snow White Costume


Find your joy and laissez les bons temps rouler!


It’s Going to be a Great day!

Don’t sweat the petty things.  Don’t let others negativity get to you.  Do not let others affect you joy.  Do not give others power over you.

I will remember this today as I work to finish preparing for my Halloween party.  I will not let what happen yesterday happen today.

I am in a great mood.  I’ve thought my morning positive thought.  I have a lot to do but got so much accomplished yesterday I feel as if I’m in a good place.

I am posting early today as I will be busy tonight and unable to post my regular post.  I will be having fun with my friends.  That’s today’s joy!  I love costumes.  I love Halloween.  I love my friends.  So I will so be in my joy element tonight.

Hope your evening is just as joyful.

Find your joy and laissez les bons temps rouler!