Appreciating Loved Ones

Yesterday I brought up not taking things for granted. I wanted to bring up taking people for granted but I couldn’t do it without taking away from the message I wanted to convey. So I chose to leave it out for another day.

It is in our nature as humans to take those we love for granted. We often cater to strangers before we cater to those in our lives that we love and have earned our respect and gratitude. I do it. I am not proud of it but I have done it and probably will again before I realize what I am doing.

The thing is those people in our lives are not invincible. They will not always be there. Even if they put up with our attitudes and our taking them for granted, something will eventually take them away. So be sure to let them know they’re important. Let them know you don’t take them for granted. Tell them you love them, never assume they know. Don’t just use words, show them. Actions tell the truth.

Do little things that show them they’re important to you. Make them a priority. Spend time with them. Talk to them. Listen to them. Be kind to them. Your relationships will grow stronger.

The stronger your personal relationships the happier you’ll feel. If you’re making a positive influence in your relationships, it creates a positive energy in yourself. Positive energy enriches the life of everyone it touches from you to those around you.

Find your joy and laissez les bons temps rouler!


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