Sorry For My Morning Grump

I was dragging this morning bad.  It was not a good morning.  I even forgot to think my positive morning thought this morning until I was already driving to work.  I decided it was “Caffeine is a wondrous thing.”  Because I so needed it.  I usually don’t have anything to drink before I get to work but today I poured me a bit of Diet Coke to go.

Because I was so tired and I already had some caffeine I forgot to make coffee this morning.  The shop foreman walks in for the coffee and asked, “you didn’t make coffee?”   I snapped.  “No I just got here.”  I had only been there five minutes but usually that’s the first thing that gets done.  He simply said okay I didn’t realize and left.   I immediately felt guilty.  As I should because I was being a grumpy butt.

So I made coffee and when he came back I apologized.  He laughed it off and was very nice about it.

I don’t mind apologizing when I do something wrong generally.  I think apologies are good.  Sometimes I apologize and people tell me I am making too much of it.  They’re probably right but I obsess a bit about it so I apologize so that they know I am genuinely sorry.  Also, selfishly, it makes me feel better.

I think it’s healthy to own your mistakes.  Yet I have to be careful because I have guilt issues and I will beat myself up for the smallest things.  I’m trying to fix that.  This positive blog is a step in fixing it.  BUT I do not want to over correct to the point that I don’t apologize when I should.  It’s a life lesson I’m working on.  Because I can always grow.

After I called myself out for being a grumpy butt I had a great day.  No more grumps.  That’s an accomplishment.  This positive blog thing just might be working for me. 🙂

Hope your day is fabulous.

Find your joy and laissez les bons temps rouler!


I realized I should add that I do not always apologize when I should.  Sometimes apologies are hard.


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