Working to Defeat the Negative

The last few days, well to be honest, the whole week, has been a rough one.  However I have worked hard not to let the negative win.  The starting every morning with a positive thought is working out well for me.  It is not always easy but sometimes its the funny thought processes that make it entertaining.

This was my process the other day:

Geez I’m exhausted and want to go back to bed. Oh wait that isn’t positive… Well at least after two nights of not being able to sleep I should be exhausted enough to go to sleep early tonight. Wait is that really positive? Sort of. Hmm… Let’s try hey I still have one pair of clean Capri’s to wear! That’s definitely positive. Crap that means I have to do laundry tonight. Wait did I just negate my positive thought? *deep sigh* Positive I’m freaking so tired. I can do this. Can’t use caffeine did that yesterday… I really have a lot to do before Halloween and Thanksgiving and no time to do it. Think positive! Okay my positive thought is if these are the problems I have, then I’m blessed.

I am blessed and reminding myself of those blessings are helping me beat the negative days.   So on those days perhaps you’re struggling then start counting the pros.  Remind yourself of those blessings.  You’ll find, like me, it helps defeat that negative energy that sometimes tries to suck us all in at one time or another.

Find your joy and laissez les bons temps rouler!


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