Saying I Love You

The words “I love you” are in my everyday speech. I was brought up being told I love you daily and often.   In my family, we say it every time we hang up the phone with someone we love, if we’re going to bed, or if we are leaving to go somewhere else.  We may randomly, for no reason other than we want you to know, say I love you.

I love this about my family.  I love we say I love you often.  There is never any doubt I am loved by my family.  They may not like me at any given moment but they always love me and I am secure in that knowledge because they tell me often.  (They also back the words up with actions but that’s another post for another day.)

I tell my friends I love them.  Often.  Again it usually coincides with hanging up the phone or them leaving but I make sure to tell those friends I love them.   Some tell me back freely.  Others hesitate, say “you too” or such, and some don’t even acknowledge it was said.  Do I believe these people love me?  Yes I do.

You see as a result of being brought up with the words I love you being said often I do not have hang ups on telling others “I love you”.  Many others were not raised with this radical thinking that if you love someone you tell them and often.  So they don’t respond with the words as readily.  Yet their actions have shown me they do, in fact, love me.  I’m okay that they don’t tell me they love me, or can’t do it as freely. Because even if they don’t, I know how I feel and I have made sure they know how I feel. I don’t have to live with anyone’s choices but my own. So I chose to make sure those I love know they’re loved.

Some have said, “If you say it so often then it loses its value.” I disagree with this statement. It only loses its value if you start taking it for granted. (I’ve already talked about that here). If you value something less because it is given freely and in abundance then you aren’t really appreciating what you have. If you’re diminishing the value love because it is said often, then do you diminish the importance of those who are part of your everyday life?

The result of having a family that says I love you often is a close knit family, closer than many families. We have a lot of laughter and very little bitterness between us. We are a positive family. Oh yes we fight but we are secure that even when one of us is mad at another we love them.

I never, ever, let someone leave without telling them I love them. This goes especially if we’ve just been cross with each other. I never want my last words to be negative. I never want to regret I let a person that I love leave without telling them I love them. I want to know, if something happens to them, they knew I loved them. I do not want that regret in my life.

The words I love you mean a lot to me. I do not take them for granted. I am happier for the abundance of love in my life. I am happier knowing those I love know I love them because I never let a chance slip by to tell them I do.

If you’re not a person who tells people you love them start. Make sure they know how you feel. It’ll only enhance your relationships. Healthy loving relationships make for a healthy positive life.

Find your joy and laissez les bons temps rouler!



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