Princess Fishing


This past weekend I spent with friends at a fishing camp celebrating a friend’s birthday. She grew up fishing with her dad and so she’s a “diehard” fishing woman! In fact we nicknamed her that.


I however love to fish but do not have her experience so she helps me fish. While I can bait my own hook I do not have a fishing rod and reel so she loans me hers. It is an open cast reel and those are easy to tangle the line so she casts it for me. The result is she ends up doing all the work.


Since she’s already dirty she baits my hook, casts my line, and when I catch a fish she takes it off the hook. So basically I sit there and reel in fish or, if I’ve just fed them instead of catching them, I reel in my empty hook. So we call it princess fishing.


As part of the joke I got my princess gear to wear this weekend.



Friday we caught a lot of fish! It was fun. Rachel had never been fishing and caught her first fish.


We watched the sunset and then went in before the mosquitos carried us away!


Diehard though did some night fishing.


I have a fishing tale of the one that got away. It was a fighter and broke my braided line (for those of you who don’t fish that’s some tough line to break). I was so mad! So I say it was a huge monster fish. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 🙂

I also caught this monster! 😳


There was a group of 9 women down there cutting up. Some fished. Some just hung out. Our friend came by and cooked for us.

Sometimes finding your joy is just relaxing with friends away from it all. Hope yours was too.

Find your joy and laissez les bons temps rouler!



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