Do Not Give Others the Power to Steal Your Joy

Today I came into contact with a woman that I cannot stand.  She’s vile.  Yet, in the professional setting of my workplace, I have to be nice and polite.  Just her voice makes me unhappy.  Since she hasn’t said something to attack me on a personal level, I cannot just unceremoniously tell her off.

As she left my office today I realized by harboring this anger and dislike of this woman I am giving her power over me.  I am giving her power to steal the joy out of my life.  She doesn’t deserve any power in my life.  So I decided to take it back.

I just simply decided not to feel anything about her.  I will not dwell on the reasons she’s earned such a title as “the vile woman”.   Those are her issues.  She’s got to live with them – in this life and in the next.  I am living my life full of joy.  She’s full of hate.  Her hate will not rub off on me.

I gained perspective about it. She’s a sad woman with issues.  They’re not mine.  I will not let her issues become mine.  I will not dwell on her issues when I am speaking to her.  I will pretend I do not know she’s full of hate.  I will be a shining example of killing her with kindness.  Nothing I say will ever change her.  I do not wish her harm.  I will say prayers for her to see that hate is not the way to live your life.

So when she returned after lunch to finish her business for the day, for the first time since the vile woman came into my life, I felt nothing but pity for her.  I felt better than I had in her presence ever before.  I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.  I was taking on her issues without realizing it.  I was letting her affect me in a negative way.  Giving her power over me and my joy.  I am free of that now.

Don’t let anyone have the power to steal your joy.

Find your joy and laissez les bons temps rouler!




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