Last night twice I thought I saw someone behind me within a five minute time frame.

A little after midnight last night I decided to run to the store for a quick pick up since I wouldn’t have time to do it in the morning.  So I grab my purse, keys, and phone and head out the door, deciding to leave the house lit up because I’ll be gone top ten minutes.  As I turn slightly to lock the door I see in my peripheral a large man in a black standing there slightly behind me.  I am the only one in the house! So I, of course, jump and turn to look full on and there is no one there.  I laugh because I figure it was Geoff.

My robot skeleton in my living room.

My robot skeleton in my living room.

So what if it seemed more to the left and not behind the couch it was a peripheral view.  Sure he’s been in that same spot for about a year now and I should be used to it but apparently not.  Smiling at my silliness I finish locking the house and get in the car.

I crank the car put it in reverse and give another jump and this time even a gasp of fright as I swear it looked like someone was in my backseat sitting there.  This time I am not so quick to laugh it off.  I put the car back in park and double check the backseat.  There is no one there.  There never was but the same large man shape was in my backseat a second ago I swear!

Still a little creeped out I go ahead and proceed on to my trip to the store.  I tell myself to shake it off.  It was just Geoff spooking me,  It still being on my mind and therefore I creeped myself out again. Then I remember the words my mom said when visiting her dad’s grave at night.  “IF there is such a thing as ghosts your granddaddy was a tough man and he loved you, he would kick any ghosts butt that tried to harm you.”  That’s right my ghost granddaddy will kick your ghosts butt any day! Or night… whatever.

I felt better and I put it out of my mind.  Didn’t even consider it when it came to bedtime.  (That could’ve been though because I was exhausted.)  I actually forgot the whole incident until this evening as I walked in and looked at Geoff.  Laughing I decided to make my blog about it.  Yeah so it’s not really a positive story but it’s a scary story.  I love scary stories, they’re fun.  And fun is positive so viola!  Plus it’s almost Halloween so that makes this story apropos!

Do I believe in ghosts?  Yes.  Do I think I have a ghost?  Not really.  IF I did it would be a loved one so I ain’t scared of no ghosts.  And if it wasn’t a loved one see explanation above. 😉

Do YOU believe in ghosts?  Do you have a scary story to share?  Make my day tell me a scary story. 😀

OOPS  I just creeped myself out again because as I start to create my tags for this post I suddenly thought “slender man”.  I know he’s fictional, created for a meme and made into a video game, but it’s still a creepy idea.   Sweet dreams!  Muahahahaha


Slender man


Find your joy and laissez les bons temps rouler!



The slender man photo above was borrowed from:–or-what–is-he-9488297.html


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