Tippie Knows the Way



The weekend I went Princess Fishing I took my mom’s dog, Tippie, with me when we went to the camp.   was going to go out of town.  Dad came down to fish on Friday, so I volunteered to take her with me on Thursday.

This dog loves to travel! You say the word “go” and she’s running to the car.

She’s a quiet companion. She will look out the window for a while then settle down on the seat.


Ready to go for a ride

Yet she’s attentive to where you are going. Every time you hit your breaks or put your blinker in she’s up and looking out the window to see what is going on.


Watching where I’m going

So if you say we’re going somewhere specific, like fishing, then you’d best be really going there and the way she’s used to going or she starts talking to you.

The last turn onto the highway the camp is on I didn’t want to be stuck behind a slow truck. Thinking I had time to go around I got into the other lane but realized I didn’t have as much as I thought. Instead of trying to whip in there dangerously I went straight through the light.

Well Tippie looks out the window and realizes I’ve made this mistake. She begins talking to me. Not barking or growling, just making noises that we call her talking.

I found myself explaining myself to her. She kept looking out the window then back at me telling me, I’m sure, that I’d gone the wrong way. No matter that I tried to reassure her as I made a U-turn and explain what had happened, until I turned onto the correct road going the correct way she didn’t hush.

Once I was on our route again she watched for just a minute quietly before once again laying down to ride quietly.


How can you not love this face?

I love this dog! She’s so smart and so dang cute. She makes me laugh! I mean here I am a grown woman explaining myself to a dog. She knows the way to most places we go and don’t worry she won’t let you get lost.


Watching Mrs. Debbi handle the fish. Tippie loves fishing!

Find your joy and laissez les bons temps rouler!



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