Money.  We need it to survive.  For bills, food, etc.

I’m very blessed that despite money being tight lately I’m able to pay my bills and have food on the table.

Last weekend I had $60 and now it has come up missing.  I’m sure I put it somewhere and can’t remember where.  While it’s not money that will keep me from paying my bills I counted on that money for my trip in a few weeks.  If it doesn’t show up that means money for that trip will be even tighter than it was going to be anyway.

Yet while I am upset about this, I am not distraught or stressing over it because I am still able to pay my bills and keep food on my table. These are the important things.

I’m of the philosophy that if I lost it somewhere and someone else found it then perhaps they needed it more.  Perhaps I’ll find it one day when I’m really desperate for that money and it’ll help me when I need it most.  It could be God is helping me save it for a rainy day.

I am counting this as a blessing.  I had the money to lose.  Others have it much worse.

Find your joy and laissez les bons temps rouler!



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