Music is powerful. It communicates to the very heart of us.

We sing songs and dance in celebration.

We lament with songs of sadness.

We seek out music that fit our mood. The music we listen to can affect our attitude.

Sometimes I use it to help me past some negative emotions.  I find some upbeat tunes or perhaps turn to K-Love to get a little Jesus in me.  It invigorates me.  Sometimes it helps me heal as I am going through something tough.

A certain song will be played and though we were not in the best of humor we find ourselves uplifted. Smiling and perhaps dancing while we sing along to the song, even if it is just in our inner voice.

The power of music and what it conveys to us is astounding when you think about it. Take the foreboding notes of Jaws, “dah dum dah dum dah dum.” Those notes give us chills because those notes hold a warning.  (Start the player about 1:44. I tried to make it start there but I cannot.)

Then there is the theme to Halloween. That fast beat of the piano creates fear then add in ominous sound of violins (I think I could be wrong on what instrument) increases that fear. The tune while relatively simple warns our brain that something bad is coming. If it were to be used in a love scene it would not work to convey love. That is the power of music.

Music is essential in movies. A movie scene without music isn’t as dynamic.

It gives it depth because the hearing respond to music reflexively.  In fact if you change the music and mix some clips up of an innocuous movie like “The Sound of Music” it can become the trailer for a scary movie.

A movie we know isn’t a horror movie suddenly has that vibe just by changing the music.

A few notes of music can convey any emotion. We don’t need lyrics.

Yet lyrics can touch us just as deeply. Lyrics can be sang without any man made instruments and bring forth strong emotions.  A capella singers are just as capable of bringing forth emotions.  In fact a capella singers have become more than a barbershop quartet.  Now they use their voices and bodies to make sounds that imitate musical instruments.

Music is the universal language.  It touches our souls.  It crosses language barriers.

We all have songs that are part of the soundtrack of our lives. Songs that were either playing when something good or bad happened. Music that brings back a memory.

Tunes that make us nostalgic.

Music is an invaluable part of my life.  I am grateful for my ability to hear it.

Find your joy and laissez les bons temps rouler!


Thank you Lisa for the inspiration for this post.  You can check out her post here:


3 thoughts on “Music

  1. internetheartsbeauty says:

    Great post! Love Pentatonix and the effect of the horror music on the trailer. XD If you’re looking for upbeat and inspirational music, ‘Revolution’ by Diplo is good. Although the music video doesn’t seem to really match the message……..

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I had to tone back the videos because I didn’t want to take away from the message but it was hard. 😀

      Also thank you for the music suggestion. I had never heard of it before. I love finding new good music!


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