Songs On the Soundtrack of My Life

“Ain’t No Sunshine” by Bill Withers came on my radio this morning. I have always loved this song. It’s just a beautiful song and has never held meaning to me. But this morning when I heard it I realized it had become one of the songs on the soundtrack of my life.

Seeeeeeee what had happened was… some friends and I went to a bar that is another friend’s favorite bar.  (We call it Voldemort’s when we go without her hehee).  Ahem anyways, it was a work night so she wasn’t able to come out and play. So one friend, K, started texting the friend who loves that bar, S, to come play with us. (This may or may not have been a drunk text.)  The band was singing “Ain’t No Sunshine” and we (okay me) decided we needed to send her a video of us singing the song to inspire her to come. It isn’t pretty but it’s hilarious. So now that song makes me laugh when I hear it.

I put the video up of “You are My Sunshine” on yesterday’s blog about music because my Grandmaw sang that song to her grandchildren and so it always will remind me of her.

The song “I Touch Myself” by Divinyls reminds me of my friend, D when he went into the Navy a friend, S (same as above), requested it at a bar for his going away party. He thought they were about to play his favorite song at the time. His face was priceless.

“I Touch Myself” also reminds me of two other friends and a big discussion on it when we were teenagers and that song came out.  So that song actually has two memories attached.

My two best friends my senior year in high school have our own song that every time I hear reminds me of that wonderful year! Okay to be honest there are more than a few songs that remind of me of that year.  Our class song, my senior year, was one a teacher wrote. It’s not one I will ever hear again nor did I hear it before or after graduation. So we made this song our honorary senior year song.

The song “Jungle Love” by The Time always makes me laugh because when I was a kid I was cleaning the bathroom mirror and standing on the countertop singing that song. The OhWeOhWeOh part came on and I was singing and dancing and started falling backwards so my arms began wind-milling during the OhWeOhWeOh. I fell backwards hit the door where it was perfectly open so hit it on the side. I bounced back forward and hit my shin on the countertop and fell backwards again where I would’ve hit my head had my friend not been there I would’ve hit my head on the door frame but she moved quickly and caught my head. Crying and laughing at the same time can be done!

These are just some of the songs that soundtrack my life. What are some of the songs in your life’s soundtrack?

Find your joy and laissez les bons temps rouler!


Oh and Just in case you need to know what the song is SUPPOSED to sound like:


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