I Made a Change!

Today there is no special insight.   Just a little story about how I made a change!

photo 3

I’d been thinking about changing my hair style.  Thinking about getting bangs.  Yesterday I did!  A last minute on a whim.  I’m going to do it.   I had my hair cut with a new style including the scary bangs.

photo 1(3)

Also I had decided to color my hair a new color, go a chocolate brown instead of dark (almost black) brown.  (This wasn’t spontaneous it was part of my I will make changes.) My friend, Becca, comes over and helps me color it.  It’s our time to get to visit.  While Becca was here chatting with me and coloring my hair I got a couple of texts from some friends.  Next thing you know it was an impromptu girl’s night in.

I had a blast! I love my new do!   Both the color and the cut.  I visited with friends and laughed a lot.  It was a good day.

photo 2

Have no fear though my changes aren’t all going to be superficial.  And yes I started them already too but they’re not near as exciting to share as my new hair style.

Find your joy and laissez les bons temps rouler!


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