Vietnam & Roy Taylor Jr

Copyrights to all pictures belong to Roy V Taylor Jr.  

I had planned to have this prolific eloquent piece about my daddy and his service. However I cannot do it justice. My father, Roy Taylor, served in Vietnam. While he himself was wounded he saved the lives of several others. For this he was rewarded a Purple Heart.

Roy Taylor aka Daddy

Roy Taylor aka Vietnam Vet

He doesn’t talk about Vietnam. When I asked him (to check my facts) how many men he saved he brushed it off. Like many he doesn’t want accolades for doing what he had to do in the situation. And that makes him more of a hero to me.

I am grateful to the Lord for bringing him back from Vietnam. If he hadn’t returned I would not be here.  I am grateful for my Daddy and his service.

Since I cannot find the words, nor does Daddy seem inclined to let me interview him, I will simply let some of his pictures do the talking.


The following two links are to PDF files of an article.  It is about Daddy’s platoon and the hell of one day.  (I think this appeared in Life Magazine but I cannot find proof of where it came from)

Blood & Guts Part 1 & Blood & Guts Part 2


caption on back of photograph

Written on back “a typical hootch on the Green Line (perimeter around the base camp at An Khe)”


Scan 09

Man on right is Roy Taylor


Scan 010

Written on back: "Me while we were at the airport on guard duty."

Written on back: “Me while we were at the airport on guard duty.”


Scan 01

Roy Taylor Jr surrounded by kids

Scan 02

Roy Taylor’s Hootch

Scan 03

Roy Taylor on the right.

This article is about a medic, Pfc. Thomas Cole,  Roy Taylor saved who credits him with saving “several others”.  The reason he got his purple heart.

Wounded Medic Has Seen Much Combat Part 1

Wounded Medic Has Seen Much Combat Part 02

Tommy Cole’s face was famous for appearing on the cover of Life Magazine.  Click here .

Scan 06

Roy Taylor at hospital after he was shot.

Scan 07

Roy Taylor aka Daddy before I was even a sparkle in his eye.

Scan 05


Both articles make me choke up every time I read them.  One because I know how lucky I am that he made it back. Two because it hurts that he had to go through all of that.  Three because I am so proud of him.

I love my Daddy.

Find your joy and laissez les bons temps rouler!



6 thoughts on “Vietnam & Roy Taylor Jr

  1. jacs1 says:

    I just want to tell your dad, Thank you for serving and protecting his country. I thank him for facing things I can’t even begin to fathom; but most of all I thank him for making that little gleam in his eye into a daughter who I love to pieces and am grateful to have in my life. ❤

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