Happy Louisiana


I live in this beautiful state and in the suburbs of one of these cities.  It makes me happy to be in a happy state. 😀

It’s a great place to live.  The people are nice, fun, and yep a little crazy.  We love to eat good food.  We will join together for a crawfish boil, barbeque, or a crab boil.  Food festivals are commonplace.  We gather over food quite a bit.

Louisiana loves our drinks.  And I’ve yet to go anywhere in the United States that has cheaper yet quality drinks.   With those drinks we do love to party.  Louisiana is known as a party state.  From LSU to Mardi Gras there are lots of reasons to party.  Bourbon Street is one big party and if you’ve never been I suggest you go at least once, even if it is not during Mardi Gras.

If drinking and partying is not your thing fear not we have tours of historical sites such as Oak Alley (where the filmed Interview with a Vampire) or Myrtles (one of America’s most haunted homes).  You can go on a swamp tour in the morning and a plantation tour that evening.

From bayou to city there is so much to do and see in Louisiana.  The people are nice.  The food is great.  And there is always a party to be found.  I love my home state.  But I could be a bit biased.  Come check it out yourself.

Find your joy and laissez les bons temps rouler!



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