The Thought that Counts

Christmas shopping.  I love it.  I love trying to find that perfect gift for someone.  Often I can find it relatively easy just not one in my price range.  However there are other gifts that will fit someone perfectly and within my budget and I just have to look a little harder for those.

Still I search.  Trying to find the perfect gift is a challenge.  I know I fail sometimes.  They never tell me but I am not delusional.  I’m sure I’ve missed the mark often.  However I truly do search high and low to find a gift I think they will like.  I put serious thought into it.  Because, in my head, if I miss the mark it’s okay because I believe the thought counts.

It is the thought that counts to me.

Some of the best presents I have ever received were ones that cost a minimum.

One was from a very young girl Anna, who with the help of her older sisters, made my present.  They took some green crinkle paper stuffing and put it in a jar, put in a toy figurine of the fairies from Disney’s Tinkerbell series in it, and put some glitter in spots around the jar.  The glitter was because the fairy was spitting mad they’d caught her, she told me.  I love this gift so much.  It makes me smile every time I see it.

Another present that makes me smile every time is from my friend Patrick.  He and his wife (then girlfriend) went to the Texas Ren Fest one of the few years I missed it.  Sarah asked the Mud Show guy if she could get some mud to bring home.  Patrick took a picture of her getting the mud then put it in a small frame, put the mud in a small jar.   My friend Kim and I both missed the Ren Fest and he gave us both one of these.  This gift isn’t fancy but it made my day.  It’s valuable to me.

These are just a couple of gifts like this that I’ve received.

Gifts don’t have to be expensive to be perfect.  They have to have thought.  So this Christmas while you’re out searching for the perfect gift remember this.  Don’t go too far into debt trying to get the best gifts.  The best gifts come from the heart.

Find your joy and laissez les bons temps rouler!


3 thoughts on “The Thought that Counts

  1. I love homemade gifts. And I love finding the perfect gift or perfect material to make a gift. For instance, I *loathe* making Barbie clothes. I think it’s the WORST. However, my niece is fascinated with gypsies and wants gypsy clothes for her dolls. So, I’m making freaking Barbie clothes. But, it’ll be absolutely worth it because it’ll make her crazy-happy.

    The perfect gift feels like a never ending hug both when you’re giving and receiving. 🙂

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