Embracing an Active Me

I was running errands for work when I saw a man, not much older than me, walking with a cane. It was obvious he was hurting. It hit me then, stronger than normal, how blessed I am and how I do sometimes take my health for granted.

Working behind a desk all day I don’t move around a lot. Then I often come home and do much of nothing again. I used to do more. I used to rarely even come home until late. I stayed moving. I even often had a second part time job after graduating from college to have extra money and to stay busy.

I did things with friends and by myself. I would often call up friends and meet them for dinner, shopping, visiting, etc. If no one was available I would go do those same things by myself. I stayed busy.

Then, without me noticing, things changed.   The second job became a chore. And doing things all the time became a chore. That’s when this lazy me started. I don’t really like being this person and keep saying I’m going to change it but I realized today I haven’t really.

I love being spontaneous but apparently if I’m going to be active again and not be a bum when I get home then I am going to have to try to create a schedule of some sort to make myself get moving in the evenings.   Eventually I will work up my energy level again and perhaps the schedule can be done away with.

I am going to choose to do things despite my lack of energy. I will not use it for an excuse. I can defeat this. I want to be an active person who is out enjoying life to the fullest while I can. This will only happen if I decide to make the change.

I have a social life but it is not an active life as it used to be. I go do things with people but not as often as I used to.   I don’t go do things by myself as often. Instead I come home and do very little besides read, watch tv, play on the computer, etc.

I’ve been looking for the joy in my life and I have a joyful life. I appreciate my life. But I am taking my health for granted a bit. I cannot allow myself to continue to not be active. While I can physically, I need to make myself be active, for one day I may not have that option anymore. I do not want to regret I didn’t move more when I could.

I have a joyful life. I truly do. I’m very social and I love to travel. And I do still do these things but not like I used to. This will change.

So starting tomorrow I will work out a schedule for my time after work. I will make a to do list and began working on getting it done. I will set goals to keep myself moving after work. I will even look for a part time job for my evenings again.

I want to make changes and it is time to start on them. No one can do it for me. I have to be the change. I will once again embrace being active.

Find your joy and laissez les bons temps rouler!



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