Christmas Glitter

For the first time in well over a decade I put up a Christmas Tree.



It’s a black tree.  I started searching for the decorations I wanted, which was jewel tones, bright colors for my decorations.  I found a large set of shatterproof Christmas balls that were pink, blue, purple, and green.  I found some tinsel the same colors.  Jackpot.

Still I wanted more but most of what I found that I liked had glitter on it.  I love glitter.  It’s pretty BUT it is very messy.  Glitter gets everywhere and stays around forever.  Months later you’ll still find glitter… So I said no glitter.


Happy with my set of balls and tinsel for this year I put up my tree.  Artificial trees mean you have to move around limb to make it look full.  Out of practice I struggled and ended up texting my friend Shannon to come help me.  Only I didn’t make myself clear on what I needed help with.

Thinking I was at loss on decorating the tree, she showed up with a skirt and decorations that matched the colors she knew I had chosen.  Can you guess what every single ornament she bought had on it?  Yep glitter.


I waited until she was halfway done putting the glitter decorations on before I told her my story. She enjoyed she’d foiled my plan. She told me I wasn’t suppose to complain about a gift, laughing gleefully. (Before you think bad of me she knew I wasn’t complaining. We were just good naturely ribbing each other.) The glitter now has gotten out of hand. It’s been glitter jokes since. Hahahahahaha.

I believe I just may regret admitting my non-glitter plan. She has informed me that it is now her mission to make sure everything she gets me, from now on, has glitter. 😯


I am really grateful though. I admit it looks better with the glitter. It looks much better than I had planned. I love my tree especially the glitter ornaments. Just don’t tell Shannon 😉

Find your joy and laissez les bons temps rouler!



3 thoughts on “Christmas Glitter

    • The tree came from Wal-mart last year. I searched for years for one and finally found it last year. However I didn’t get to put it up until this year. I love it. Thank you! She’s very devious so thank you I will indeed be careful of any cards. 🙂 Merry Christmas to you as well!


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