An Overdue Visit

I saw a friend I hadn’t seen in quite a while today.  Brandy and I are in, as she says, different seasons of our lives.  She’s married with two kids.  She doesn’t have a lot of free time.  So we just haven’t been able to talk or see each other though she lives only about 20 minutes away, which is sad really.

Now don’t get me wrong every couple of months, give or take, we talk on the phone when she has a moment to herself to call me.  But we used to talk all the time, and see each other often.  Yesterday was one of those moments, which was the catalyst for us having lunch today.

However not being able to talk or see each other doesn’t mean we don’t love each other or we aren’t friends anymore.  Today we had lunch and we never skipped a beat.  We picked up where we’d left off.  It was great to just hang out with her, catch up a bit, and laugh with her.

I miss her and today showed me how much I do.  I would say that we’ll make more an effort but it’s not lack of effort it’s lack of time.  Her two little ones are little, neither old enough to even start school yet.  She’s got her hands full and she loves it.  However that simply means our time together is very limited.  I understand that.  As I told her when she said, “this season will end and I’ll have more time for friends”, she can’t get rid of me that easily.  When her daily life becomes less scheduled then I’ll still be here waiting because that’s what true friendship is.

Remember friendship isn’t about talking daily or even often.  True friends don’t need consistency in their time, they just need love in the time they have.  It’s quality over quantity.



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