A Laugh for Parents

I mentioned I’d had lunch with my friend Brandy Friday. We were talking about our lives. She, of course, discussed how her life has changed so much. She loves her children and wouldn’t trade them for anything. You can see the love she has as she talks about them.

During our conversation she had me laughing as she told me a story about a friend, who also has children, had said her life had turned into the movie Ground Hogs Day. Brandy said she went “That is my life!” She went on to say it was the perfect description of her life these days. She could totally relate. Her day is repetitive day in day out because it has to be consistent with two little ones underfoot.

I shared this for those mothers or fathers out there who need a good laugh and perhaps their own way of describing how their life has changed since having kids.

Find your joy and laissez les bons temps rouler!


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