Fresh Food for Pantries From Local Gardens

Gary Oppenheimer has decided to be of value.  Gary is a gardener who one day decided to give his excess vegetables to a local shelter.  It was the beginning of his discovery of how little fresh food pantries get.

Starting a not-for-profit organization which encourages local gardeners to donate their excess food to local food pantries.  The site gives tools to help both the pantry and the gardener to reach out to each other.

Their core mission:  No food left behind.

This is a fabulous idea.  Giving extra fresh foods to local pantries and shelters so that those less fortunate can have something healthy and fresh is brilliant.  And it’s not costing money just donating extra that you already have.

Good job Gary!  I’m impressed and inspired.  However I cannot grow a thing.  So my contributions must be other in nature.  I’ll start with sharing this idea.  Spreading the word.

If you’re a gardener, chicken farmer, etc perhaps consider giving the extra away instead of letting it go to waste.   Visit to find a local pantry in need.

Find your joy and laissez les bons temps rouler!


The original story on this can be found here and includes a video.


One thought on “Fresh Food for Pantries From Local Gardens

  1. that’s so great. A while ago the European union decided to introduce stupid laws that bans this kind of practice. There were many shops and bakeries in Poland that gave away their left over food to homeless shelters. The food was good to eat and not spoilt, but because of the law they are not allowed to do it and they need to throw it away.


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