Unexpected Joyful Moment

Every year at Thanksgiving I usually have some crafts for the kids.

I introduced a new generation to Shrinky Dinks.  It was fun to show them something from my own childhood and have them enjoy it as much as I did.  One year one of my little cousins brought a friend and she was excited to show her Shrinky Dinks.

There is also Christmas ornaments and such for the kids to paint.  Kids and adults alike get into the painting.

This year, although I had ornaments, we didn’t get the paint out.  It was too cold to be honest to sit outside and paint.  We played games and hung out but no crafty moments.  I missed it but the little ones are now young adults about to graduate from high school, I was wondering if this tradition was about to go away.

We only have two little ones now but they’re little boys with lots of energy.  Not sure they’re ready for painting yet.  However I will continue to bring ornaments to paint and I look forward to introducing them to Shrinky Dinks

Then my cousin sent me a picture of her tree with this: “My beautiful tree thanks to you! Didn’t know if you new this or not but every year we always use the decorations the kids paint in Louisiana 🙂 love you!”

This made my day.  I knew the kids enjoyed them.  I knew they’d give them to their grandparents and parents.  But I guess I just never realized what happened to them after they left here.  It touched my heart that my little fun time for and with the kids was appreciated.  I am filled with joy.

Find your joy and laissez les bons temps rouler!





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