Christmas Spirit

Here’s hoping you had a Merry Christmas.

I spent mine with my family.  Unlike Thanksgiving, Christmas is a small affair, just my Mom, Dad, sister, and her husband joined by my mom’s sister, her husband (my uncle), and my two cousins then my aunt from my dad’s side.

We spend the day much like we do Thanksgiving.  Eating, visiting, and playing games.

I have a wonderful family and am grateful for them.

The gift giving of Christmas I think everyone was happy with.  I know I was.  I got great gifts.  I must’ve been a good girl this year. 🙂   I truly enjoy watching others open their gifts.

A friend of mine complains that Christmas is too expensive, that it’s not about the presents.  He’s right.  However I truly enjoy giving gifts.  While it is not necessary I find his negative attitude a downer on my Christmas spirit.

This reminded me that while I enjoy Christmas not everyone does.  In fact many people find this to be a sad holiday.  They are all alone or just lonely.  They’ve lost someone and they can’t find that happiness.  Or perhaps money is so tight they find themselves struggling instead of feeling the love that Christmas should bring.  There are endless reasons Christmas might not bring joy to you as it it does to me.

If you’re one of these people I am sorry that Christmas doesn’t bring you joy.  I hope you find next year a better year.  I hope that next year you find the joy of Christmas.  And I want you to know I am praying and thinking of you.

I have no true words of wisdom just want you to know that you’re important.

And I want to wish you a Merry Christmas.

Find your joy and laissez les bons temps rouler!



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