Oops.  The holidays have messed up my blogging flow.  I have now missed three days in a row.  Yikes! .

I told myself if I allowed myself to miss a day or two I’d be done for.  It would be easier and easier to miss.  I wasn’t wrong.

However I do not apologize for this lapse nor do I feel guilty.  I don’t even feel as if I failed.  Yes I missed my initial goal, however I feel time with family and friends are more important than a goal of making a blog post a day.

I have had company every day this past week.  Well last night the company wasn’t physically here but I an overdue conversation with my friends from South Carolina.  These are the moments that make a joyful life.

So even if I am missing my goal and not posting my joy I am living my joy and that is even more important.   However I will try to get back on track.  So stay tuned.

Find your joy and laissez les bons temps rouler!


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