Embrace Let It Go Philosophy


I love the message in this meme!


The message “what you put out in the universe you get back” is a constant in my life.  Usually I mean if you’re put out joy and positivity it’ll come back to you.  That is the message I want to convey and I live by.   The other side of that coin is, of course, if you put out negativity that’s what you’ll get back.

If someone has done you wrong best to let it go.

Holding onto grudges mean holding onto negativity.  Negativity is like a disease in your soul.  If you leave it there it will grow and affect other areas of your life.

Let go of grudges.  Don’t give someone power over you.  If you give someone the power to affect your emotions negatively then you’re giving someone who doesn’t deserve it, power over you.  You’re letting them control your happiness.  It’s is your happiness.  Take the power back, let go of that grudge.

Letting go of the grudge means forgiveness.  Forgiveness doesn’t mean you condone their actions.  It doesn’t even mean you have to let them back into your life.  It simply means you accept they are (insert your favorite name calling here) and that is their problem that they have to live with.

Which brings me to my own life and the philosophy I live: “I have to live with my own decisions.  Others have to live with theirs.”   I do what I do because I want to be the best me.  I have to lay down and be able to sleep with the choices I make.  What others do is their problem they have to deal with it the consequences, good or bad, just like I do.

That brings us back to the meme at the top of the page.  Eloquently put it sums it all up.

So let go of grudges, negativity, hurt feelings and…

Find your joy and laissez les bons temps rouler!






2 thoughts on “Embrace Let It Go Philosophy

  1. A friend told me about a cool visualization technique for letting it go. You picture the person who screwed you over holding an open suitcase. Then you picture yourself packing up all the shit they’ve handed to you, close and lock that sucker and send them on their way with it. There are several suitcases I need to pack. 😉

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