Yesterday I posted about Jubilee Project, an organization who uses the film medium to bring awareness and inspire change.

Today I want to bring to your attention their video, Comfortable.  It is one of their short films where they ask 50 people 1 question.  This one asks “if you can change one thing about your body what would it be?”

Watch video Here:

The answers given is telling.  The younger we are the more comfortable we are in our skin.  Somewhere in the middle of our time we let the voices and opinions of others color our perception of our beauty, whether it be classmates, friends, family, or media.

But when we are young we want superpowers, we are happy with who we are, until the outside voices drill their way in.  The people who wanted to change themselves weren’t because they came up with this “issue” with their bodies on their own.  It was because others had with their words and actions given them a complex about it.

We should be careful of our words.  They have a lasting effect.  Especially if they’re negative.  It is our nature as humans to take to heart a hurtful, negative comment and ignore or forget the complimentary and positive comments. We should teach our children and OURSELVES to only speak kindness and positive.  Compliment don’t criticize.  Raise others up don’t tear them down.

It is sad to think that we could ask these same kids in the video in ten to twenty years the same question and their answers would be drastically different.

The older we are, we begin to accept our bodies and all it’s “flaws”.  We embrace that which makes us who we are.  I, myself, am learning to do this.  It is just something that seems to be falling into place. I am not where the older lady is yet but I believe I will get there.  I sure hope I will.

I hope you take away the lesson here that you should be comfortable in your own skin.  I hope you heed the lesson to be kind and teach kindness.  Mostly I hope the world can learn to compliment and not criticize.  However, until then, try to counter the criticism someone may hear with a compliment.  That woman you see in the elevator that has a nice outfit on, compliment her.  That man you see walking down the hall with the nice outfit on, compliment him.  The waitress or waiter who brings you your food, the bank teller, whoever you run across compliment them.  You just may make their day.  And yes in the process you’ll make your own better.

Find your joy and laissez les bons temps rouler!



Words Have Power

Today I was in a great mood.  Very busy with a lot to do but I was positive it was going to get done and what didn’t get done no big deal.  I wasn’t going to sweat the little things.  It was going to be fine.

Then one person said something negative.  Something that ticked me off and frankly hurt my feelings.  Suddenly I am no longer that positive person I was trying to be.  I was angry and my mood was very dark.

I got away from the person.  Yes I said I love you before I left.

Still it was hard to get back into the joyful high I’d been on up until then.  I did okay.  I wasn’t grumpy with the others I was around.  I wasn’t ugly to anyone.  I just never totally shook it.

I tried I truly did.  But my emotions were a bit off.  I couldn’t shake the hurt.  It made me more emotional for the rest of the day. I wasn’t mean or ugly to anyone I just wasn’t as positive and carefree as I had been before.

I know this person didn’t mean to hurt me.  They love me.  I know this because they not only tell me but show me regularly.   We all hurt those we love sometimes.  It happens and I won’t be holding this against them.  Tomorrow I will be back to being fine.  I refuse for it to steal my joy twice.  Crap happens I need to get over it.

So today wasn’t a total win for the positive side but it wasn’t a total loss either.

This day is a lesson though.  Remember your words have power.  Power to hurt or power to help.  Chose them wisely.  Also remember negative has more lasting effects than positive.  That’s a sad fact.

kill a dream

Okay that may be a bit dramatic for my situation but it doesn’t make it less true.  One negative comment can wipe out hundreds of positive ones.

Find your joy and laissez les bons temps rouler!